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News: Chuck Palahniuk

Author Chuck Palahniuk is making a sequel to cult classic “Fight Club.” Now I haven’t read “Fight Club” (Please don’t judge me, I do plan on reading it), but I saw the movie and it is an awesome awesome awesome movie.

Chuck Palahniuk (bing images)
Chuck Palahniuk
(bing images)

So I am excited to read the second book. If you never heard or read “Fight Club” (by the way this sentence is really hilarious to me because technically, according to the book, you’re not supposed to know about it) it is a about a insomniac  office worker who meets a random, mysterious, outgoing man who happens to make soap for living. With this man, they start a underground fight club.

The book was published in 1996 and was created into a movie in 1999. The sequel is called “Beautiful You” and is scheduled to be released in 2014.

Excited much? I sure am.


Zoobean is a website that helps parents find books for children. The thing that is so special about Zoobean is a parent can look on this

tumblr books images
tumblr books images

website specifically for books that children can identify with. For instance, if the parent wants to look for bullying books, or hygiene books, you can simply type that in and will find a list of books to choose from.

This is awesome! and extremely convenient for parents trying to help their children read books that can help them in all aspects of life. Of course you can use this site to get books just for fun as well.

I think this site is a great site because I am a strongly believer in parents knowing what their child is reading. Granted you cannot be there for everything and no I am not going to be one of those uptight parents that is over the child’s shoulder. I just believe that it doesn’t kill a parent to know what the child is reading.

*Kayne Shrug*

Check out the site here