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Romance Review: The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (Bevelstoke #1)

Cue the Awes

                 Avon  Published June 26, 2007               384 Pages
Published June 26, 2007
384 Pages

When Miranda Cheever was ten years old she was teased for not being beautiful. However, Viscount Turner, then 19 years old, took her home after her best friend’s birthday party and told her she will be beautiful, Miranda fell in love.

Eight years later, Miranda still believes in her love for Turner. However, Turner scorned by a marriage gone terribly wrong doesn’t believe in love but he does believe that Miranda is more than just a girl grown into her beauty.

I though this book was the perfect love story. Most historical romance like to drip the pages with sex once the two main character become intimate. However, with this book it was the opposite. Yes, there is sex but the two aren’t constantly having it. They are growing into each other dispute the mishap that occurs.

I also liked the fact that Miranda wasn’t naïve. Innocent is completely different from being naïve and Miranda was far from foolish. She was intelligent but that too intelligent that all she did was read and talk about politics. She was much livelier and didn’t need Turner to open that door for her to be free. This made her a very likeable character.

Turner was like any man who went through a real bad relationship. Annoying and holding a grudge against all kinds of love and romance. He wasn’t a bad boy though. He was respectful, and honorable which is also different from most historical romances.

The writing itself was great; not too complicated and not forced at all.

Truly this is the perfect romance. This book gets 10 out of 10.


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