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Adults ONLY Book Review: The Education of Victoria by Angela Meadows

        Sourcebooks Casablanca  To Be Published April 1, 2014          272 Pages
Sourcebooks Casablanca
To Be Published April 1, 2014
272 Pages


*This book was received via NetGalley in exchanged for an honest review.*

After being caught by her father with the stable boy, 16-year-old Victoria is sent to a boarding school in which she believes she will be trained to be a proper woman/wife. However, she is sent to the Venus School for Young Ladies in which she learns the arts of pleasure for men, women and herself.

When schooling is over, she returns to England and finds that her father is going bankrupt. Desperate to help, Victoria uses her new skills to save her family estate.

I like my erotic books to have a story and a purpose. This book was just flat out porn. Every page EVERY PAGE was about how either Victoria did this to herself, roommate, teacher, classmates. It was way too much.

I didn’t understand how her father just sends her to a school without research and I also didn’t understand how the author decided to throw in there a 16 year old having some fun with some old man. It was distasteful and I didn’t see the point of the story. Most of the book we are with Victoria at this school and all she does is have sex. SHE IS 16.

How the author thought this was okay I really don’t know. Yes, back in those days a 16 year old can get married. But here is the thing she wasn’t married screwing half the school and wasn’t during this time girls were supposed to wait until marriage?

Beyond that . . . Victoria was a lifeless horn-dog. I was completely disappointed in this book and I need to stress the fact that this is porn not exotica.

Overall, this book gets 4 out of 10.