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Book Review: A Love Noire by Erica Simone Turnipseed

           Amistad   Published June 29, 2004            320 Pages
Published June 29, 2004
320 Pages

Norie is a “righteous” African American PHD student that is all about black pride and sticking it to the man. Attending a book signing, Norie meets Innocent a VP Banker from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, and although Innocent is attracted to her Norie is on the fence because she considers him “Bourgie.”

Taking a chance Norie begins to date Innocent and they both begin to realize that unexpected love is the most complicated of them all.

Not even three chapters in and I knew I didn’t like the book. There is nothing wrong with an African American female or male being considered “righteous” however, that point does not need to be made every other line in the first six chapters.

Norie was trying so hard not to like African Americans with money and I didn’t understand why. Let’s make this clear I’m African American and I know why but the reader does not know where it is coming from until well after Norie and Innocent begin dating. What’s the back story? Why was she so mad at those with money?

The author tried to make it seem that African Americans with money feel some type of way with afro wearing African American females that have an outspoken opinion and that Innocent was the different one from the brunch. Now there is not an issue with the rich not liking the poor or middle class or vice versa. My issue is there is no need to constantly remind the readers that this book is about African American lovers. I know she is an African American woman and I know he is an African male; it’s in the summary. I felt it was immature as a writer to not be creative enough to describe what Norie and Innocent looked like without bluntly saying it.

I also really didn’t like the language Turnipseed used when Innocent was talking to his friend. What type of bank VP is cursing like he is a frat boy and not a grown man? Also why is there so much cursing period? It was as if African Americans do not know how to speak without adding a curse word.

The book was poorly written and the ending was sloppy and really forgettable. How is it that after a year of dating Innocent believes the relationship is too intense for him? WHO SAYS THAT!? You wouldn’t have made it a year if that was the case.

Overall the book gets 4 out of 10. The book felt forced, and  unrealistic. I really do not understand what Turnipseed was trying to prove with this book but it didn’t work.