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NetGalley Review: Amber Smoke (The Escaped #1) by Kristin Cast

Diversion Publishing To Be Publish June 9, 2015 275 Pages
Diversion Publishing
To Be Publish June 9, 2015
275 Pages

Parallel to our world there is world in which damned souls are kept under lock and key. Three Furies watch over these souls as they relive the evil they created while they were alive.

Unfortunately, something has opened the door. 

Now Alek, the Furies beloved treasure, their only son, has been given the task to not only save the world but find Eva, a woman who knows nothing of her family’s past life or her part in the world’s future.

Alek and Eva must discover the extent of their powers and learn to trust their fates in order to save the world.  

I have never read the House of Night series.  I just wasn’t really interested. But this book seemed interesting enough to pick it up. However, there was an issue with this book.

It felt like the author was trying too hard. From the beginning of the book, I felt as  if the author struggled writing this book. For instance, constantly talking about the latest fashion or using the latest slang doesn’t make the or a book relate-able. The relationship Eva has with her mother seems stranded as well as if the author wasn’t sure to make them just friends or mother and daughter; the line between that is very thin.

I didn’t care for Eva or Alek for the most part. Alek was a cocky boy that sometimes you couldn’t even be sure if he actually respected anyone. He took his position in this book less serious that any other character I have ever read trying to save the world. I don’t have much to say about Eva . . . she was just unappealing/boring.

What did like about this book was the prologue. I am a sucker for mythology and Ms. Cast wrote the heck out of those few pages. They were the most fulfilling pages in the book. There was this understanding and moment of shock (not completely but shock none the less). In those pages there was a range of emotions, although it could have been  I wish the entire book was more like it.

Another thing I did like about the book was how the author tied the mythology to the modern world. By creating a story that involves detectives who love their job, evil beings, and young adults who are tied into everything, did create a fun and interesting story.

But the story felt forced; from beginning to the end. And although the author was able to create a interesting story and write a great prologue, it didn’t really follow through in the rest of the book.

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