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Book Review: The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier

 Ballantine Books Published March 11, 2014 585 Pages
Ballantine Books
Published March 11, 2014
585 Pages

Diana is completely fascinated with the “history” of the Amazons. She feels a deep connection to the Amazons, thanks to her Grandmother, who made it part of her everyday life. When Diana is asked to consult a archeological excavation, she may have actually discovered proof that Amazons exist.

Although Diana is part of an amazing modern day find, she is also caught in the most dangerous games of cat and mouse she has ever played. With her own family history tied into this discovery, Diana is out to find the truth about the Amazons and her grandmother.

I really enjoyed this story. But to be completely front about it . . . this story was extremely long.

The amazing thing this author is really good at is telling two stories at once. The book switches from the present time to the past; Diana’s point of view and then those of an Amazon queen.

The transitions were very smooth and the two stories tied together very effortlessly. I loved it. However, the story itself was way too long. Diana was clueless a majority of the story, which is okay to a certain extent. After four run-ins with people that are trying to kill her, you would think that Diana would smarten up a bit . . . nope. She fell for a man, whom she didn’t trust for most of the story and I might add she ran away from.

Because Diana was so clueless it made some parts of the story completely unbelievable. Diana was supposed to be an expert on Amazons and yet when it was time to prove it she knew very little and was very immature about how she handled things.

However, Diana didn’t completely ruin the story and I chalk that up to good writing. The story of the Amazon queen was more interesting than the story of Diana which blew my mind. The history was rich and the details were not dragged out at all. If Fortier just wrote the story of the Amazons then this story would be completely perfect.

Fortier was able to keep me interested with the story of the Amazons. But the story of Diana was dragged, unbelievable and the ending wasn’t the best.

Overall this story gets 3.5 Pickles