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NetGalley Review: Queen of Someday (Stolen Empire #1) by Sherry D. Ficklin

Clean Teen Publishing To Be Published Oct. 7, 2014
Clean Teen Publishing
To Be Published Oct. 7, 2014

15-year-old Sophie must try to get the Russian throne at any cost. 

Sophie travels to St. Petersburg with her mother at the request of Empress Elizabeth, who is fond of her family. Determined to do as  her mother says and her save her family from ruin, Sophie decides to wage war to win Peter’s heart. 

But when her life becomes in danger things and she falls for a man she cannot have things become complicated and Sophie must decide what is really worth sacrificing for the throne.

AMAZING! Simply an amazing read.

Sophie is badass. She is extremely smart, knows her worth and knows what she is capable of. The greatest thing about her is she isn’t a cold heartless female dog. I loved how the author decided to break that mold.

Sophie wasn’t a girl who needed to break out of her shell. She was perfect the way she was. I liked her a lot. Do I think she went dense when she fell in love? Yes. But I would be a hypocrite to think I never done that before.

The characters were really well defined as well. While reading the book, I felt that I knew each character and felt a connection to them all. The story was written with a pace I completely agree with medium to a low high (lol). The author took time to develop twist and turns and romances without making things too complicated and too predictable.

However, there are two things that bother me with this book; Sophie’s “love” and the ending. Without getting into too much detail, I don’t think she loved him at all. It was the first man that made her feel more than just a child and actually made her feel something. I also don’t think it is love because her moving on process was too fast for me. I believe she did what she did out of strategy not love.

Now the ending. . . . Ms. Sherry if you are reading this . . . Why? WHY?!?! Why do you feel ending abruptly is a proper ending? I understand this is a series and you want to keep people hanging on but there had to be a better way for that to have ended.

*Frustrated sigh* Overall, I really loved this book and it has been a long time since I completely fell for something like this.  4.5 Pickles

Book Review: Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon

*This may contain some spoilers because I have some questions*

DisneyHyperion                January  24 2012              392 Pages
                   Disney Hyperion                             Published: January 24 2012
392 Pages

I was skeptical of the second book to the Dead Beautiful series. Although the first book was a good read (you can look at my review here) I didn’t think the second book would be strong. But oh my goodness was I wrong; this is an amazing read.

17 year old Rene Winters is nothing like her former self. A year has past since her parents’ death, Dante is in hiding, and her Grandfather is still mean and hiding information.  But that’s not all when Dante and Rene kissed things changed for her. She’s having nightmares that she believes is the future, she looks older and worn out. Rene is not the same.

But things change when her Grandfather sends her to another school and she discovers some secrets about her mom, the infamous Nine Sisters and Dante.

The author did an amazing job with this book. There was minimum dragging and that was perfect; everything was exactly as it needed to be and at a consistent pace until the climax came. The questions that formed in the first few chapters weren’t easily solved either. It was a mystery up until the last two chapters. Woon, even threw in a little love triangle which wasn’t in bad taste. It wasn’t the whole theme of the story and I really appreciated that.

The story itself didn’t have any issues worth mentioning but I was disappointed in the Grandfather. You would think that after almost losing his grand-daughter after just losing his daughter, he would be a bit more opened to Rene. NOT. He was a stubborn and mean man and I couldn’t stand him. Rene also bothered me this book too because she didn’t stand up to him. She never stood her ground; he walked over her the entire book and I’m pretty sure he will do the same in the next book. But that was the most annoying thing ever.

As for Dante . . . I am still completely in love with him ;)

Okay . . . here is where the spoiler comes because I have a question to anyone that has read the book. If the ninth sister used the box of eternity . . . where the heck is she? No one even bothered to ask if she was alive or not, which I though was weird. Maybe it will come up in the next book?

Overall, I give this book a perfect score; 10 out of 10. I’m terribly upset the book won’t release until January 2014 -.-