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Book Review: A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick

Hodder Published March 25, 2014 320 Pages
Published March 25, 2014
320 Pages

1944, Charles Jackson see the unthinkable; a man drinking the blood of a dead woman. Seven years later, Charles sees that same man with a interesting looking woman.

Determined to find the truth of what he really saw, Charles follows the couple as they leave the restaurant, opening the door to something not even his nightmares could come up with. 

The thing about this book is I don’t see a rhyme or reason . . . even when it is established, which caused for a really dry read.

Charles doesn’t have much of a personality. He does things because it just happens to be there to do. Even when he joins the medical field there is no passion not even a love, especially compared to his friend. So when he decides he needs to do something/find the truth about this guy it is a shock because there is no why.

Yes, a why develops as the book goes on but again there is no passion no deep need to do any of this, which blows because the book had really great potential.

As I read this book I tried to find something I enjoyed; the writing style, the scenery, the characters . .  . something. The only thing I enjoyed about this book was Hunter, who is Charles best friend. There was the passion, there was the love in something you do. Hunter was really the highlight of this book.

Overall, I just didn’t enjoy the book. It was okay but nothing I will recommend or read again.

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