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Book Overview 2019: The Favorites | Honorable Mentions

Tis the season for book bloggers to talk about their hit and misses for the year. I am that book blogger that will be doing that ^_^ This is going to be a few different posts highlighting

  • The Favorite Novels & Honorable Mentions
    • Rated 4 or 5 Pickles
  • The Favorite Graphic Novels, Manga & Web Comics
    • Rated 3 Pickles
  • The Disappointments
    • Rated 2 Pickles
  • The Bad
    • Rated 1 Pickle or no Pickle

The Favorites <3


Honorable Mentions


As this is the beginning of my year in review series, I want to point out that I read more books written by Black men and women as well as other POC than I have any other year in my lief. A lot of that is due to the amazing Black women bloggers I began following, who exposed me to different types of books. As Black authors and other POC do not receive the same marketing as White authors it is very easy to miss books especially when you don’t even think about it.

I have been extremely blessed to connect with amazing people and I look forward to all that we can do together.

Stay tune for the continuation of this series!