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NetGalley Review: Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner

Self Published Published Aug. 9, 2015 276 Pages (Kindle)
Self Published
Published Aug. 9, 2015
276 Pages (Kindle)

Hope Nicholas life consist of one thing and that is running. All her life Hope and her mother barely stay in a town longer enough for anyone to really notice Hope is there. 

But when her mother suddenly dies, Hope doesn’t know what will happen. Is Apollo’s curse truly coming to be? How will Hope learn to trust anyone or for that matter love anyone?

When I picked up this book, I was like great! A Greek mythology in modern times about a young girl alone and possibly discovering her powers. Although the last line of the summary says there will be romance, I didn’t expect it to take a majority of the book.

For the most part, the book was boring. There is really no way around that. As quickly as the running began it stopped and there was a lot of things that I didn’t understand why. Firstly, Hope’s mother. She screwed up really bad and I really don’t understand why. She made a huge bad judgement of character and it screwed Hope not once but twice. The book never actually explains why she does what she does especially after so many years. It just leaves it there.

When Hope does actually get on her feet the story becomes less about her abilities and more about trying hard not to make friends and not to fall for the cutie who isn’t what he says he is. This was a rough read because I was expecting a girl on the run with her life constantly being in jeopardy with obviously the help of those she grew to care about.

Hope is an interesting character because there really isn’t anything to say you love or hate her. You see she has strength but you don’t really see it in the book unless her anger comes out. All you see is a confused girl trying to be invisible. This made a boring and disappointing book.

When things picked up, I was too far gone already. Overall, it wasn’t what I expected nor wanted.

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Book Review: Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School, #1) by Gail Carriger

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Published Feb. 5, 2013 307 Pages
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Published Feb. 5, 2013
307 Pages

Sophronia has always been a lot to handle as a baby but at 14 years old she becomes too much to bare. Her mother, at her the end of her wits, enrolls Sophronia in the Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality. Here Sophronia is to learn how to become a proper lady.

Quickly Sophronia learns that this isn’t an ordinary school and that learning how to dance, dress and eat is part of the course but not the main focus. Soon Sophronia finds that her curious ways is needed in the field of espionage. 

Cute. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I was reading this book. Sophronia is an active girl both mentally and physically. She loves mechanics and figuring things out which makes her perfect for the school.

What I like about Sophronia is she is not just book smart. She has common sense and she isn’t drawn into herself. She is friendly and really nice girl. Overall just a very likable character.

I loved the pace of the novel. When you meet Sophronia she is in her element and things just move really well after the first introduction. However, my biggest issue with the book is there wasn’t much going on. Yes, there is a bigger picture and a mission Sophronia takes upon herself but leading up to these points there is no thrill, passion or intensity. Although I was in love with Sophronia and the surrounding characters, the lack of emotion provided a difficult read. Difficult in the sense that I didn’t feel the need to keep reading the book. I wasn’t curious enough about the school nor was I curious enough about what happens to Sophronia.  There wasn’t enough emotion but most importantly engagement.

But there is nothing in me that believes this book is bad. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed Sophronia, the surround characters and the pace. I just wanted more for the actual story. I wanted to be sucked in and sadly I wasn’t.

This story gets points for originality.

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NetGalley Review: Running in the Dark (Running in the Dark #1) by Inger Iversen

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing Published April 19, 2014 Ebook
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Published April 19, 2014

Trace is a watcher. His job is to watch vampires as they end their lives and sometimes assist in their death while also making sure that no human sees or reports what they’ve seen. For years, this has been his life and he is ready for something different.

What he didn’t expect was different to show up in a form of a beautiful girl named Bessina, who’ve witness the death of two vampires. What would be a easy job to eliminate the witness turns into Trace running for his life to save this girl. 

Surprise. Surprise. A beautiful and quick read this book is.

Not only was I attracted to this book because both the author and the main character are of women of color but vampires trying to kill themselves is a new thing for me. I have no idea why that is the case but it was.

What I loved about the book was how the fluff was to a minimum. But an appropriate minimum; meaning there was still a need/drive to continue reading the book despite things moving at a faster pace. The only downfall with this is there isn’t enough meat on the characters to really fall in love with them.

I liked Bessina to a certain extent. Although you find out about some of her backstory, I wanted more. I didn’t want to see just a broken girl, who in my eyes took events too easy, but I wanted to see some spunk . . . some kind of excitement from her. I felt that although she was 19, I couldn’t help but picture a small scared child.

I liked Trace though. There was something about him that made the book enjoyable. He was fairly direct, a smooth talker yes but not a womanizer. The author kept him simple, which allowed the internal turmoil to come from falling in love as opposed to being a really really crappy person. I also liked being able to see his and Bessina’s point of view. The transitions was great. I loved the fact that the author was able to ease into it without stopping to say “Now Bessina.”

Overall, I thought the author showed her talent with this book. I wish it was longer and there was more depth to the characters personality but most importantly I wish there was more detail to the characters that affected Bessina’s life such as her relationship with her father. Yes, the author cleared everything up by the ending but I wanted more so bad.

3.5 Pickles



NetGalley Review: The Glass Magician (The Paper Magician Trilogy #2) by Charlie N. Holmberg

47North Published Nov. 4, 2014 222 Pages
Published Nov. 4, 2014
222 Pages

If you haven’t read book one check out my review here.

Months after Ceony saved Thane’s life, she still hasn’t gotten out of the student zone and fully admitted her feelings for Thane to Thane. 

But a new threat to their peaceful coexistence has come along.  An evil magician knows that Ceony is hiding a secret that can change the entire magical community and he will stop at nothing to find the truth.

This being book two, I was expecting way more character development and some actual romance.  None of that actually occurred.

Ceony may have admitted to herself that she is completely in love with Thane but nothing actually happens. He touches her face, her shoulder here and there and the chapter before last you get his point of view but their “budding love” is nonexistent again.  There is actually no need for it in this series because there is no connection between the two, physically or mentally.

As smart as Ceony is she throws herself in situations doing more hoping for the best then actually being able to win the battle. It really feels like pure luck that she is succeeding in each battle.

The series thus far has been slow, lacking of passion as well as a true romance. However, I am curious to see how the author ends it. I know Ceony and Thane are going to get the love they both apparently want but I am hoping for more passion for love and life in the final book.

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NetGalley Review: Highlander Redeemed (Guardians Of The Targe #3)

Montlake Romance Published May 12, 2015 262 Pages
Montlake Romance
Published May 12, 2015
262 Pages

Scotia MacAlpin is looked at as trouble. When a terrible incident left someone dead and her put her clan into a war she has been shunned by her family and looked as a burden. Upset that she is in the shadow of her more successful sister, a Guardian, Scotia is determined to fix the wrong and find a relic for her English king.

Duncan has been looking out for Scotia since she was a baby, so it is nothing to him to be put on guard duty. Duncan decides to help Scotia become a skillful warrior but things get complicated when he begins to see her as a woman she is.

Scotia is a hard-headed brat and she made this book a difficult read. She screws up big time and literally everyone hates her for it except Duncan. She’s impulsive and unapologetic for her actions. She isn’t 18, she’s 8.

Ducan is the stereotypical dark and mysterious man that is loyal to the clan and also fierce with his love. He really didn’t bring anything new to the table and I didn’t actually feel there was love between the two. It felt more like this girl I knew as a kid grew up to be an attractive woman. It was a failed attempt at romance for me.

What I liked about the novel was the story-line of a girl trying to redeem herself and come to find out she isn’t just a reckless individual but she actually may be extremely important. I also enjoyed the pace of the novel but I couldn’t get into it like I wanted to.

Short review I know but there is really nothing else to say about the book. Although it was the third book you really didn’t feel like you was missing something. So reading book three and not one or two wouldn’t be horrible.

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