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  1. exhausted, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy:a tired runner.
  2. weary or bored (usually followed by of):

Tired of:


Lack of support

Stroking egos

Doing too much

Feeling incomplete

Saying yes

Remembering the past

Being stuck

Being unsure

Being unappreciated

Being frustrated

Feeling alone

Feeling unmotivated

Feeling stuck

Feeling unappreciated

Feeling frustrated

Remembering who I use to be

Wanting to be someone different 

Wanting to do something different


Confessions: Slight Vent

You know when an author doesn’t like your review, when you chat for weeks and then no longer hear from them once the review is published.

Google Images
Google Images

This bothers me . . . a lot actually. Authors lately have been feeling well since I have spoken to you and shown you what type of person I am, a good review is required.

No. . . not at all.

A good review is granted to a good book and even if the book is good and I still find issues, they will be pointed out. How can you grow was an author if you only want to hear and see the good of your work?


*Vent over*