Book Review: in her mind by Phoebe Garnsworthy

Self Published
Published 2017
215 Pages

Elke Sinclair doesn’t care to fall in love.

And life for the 25-year old in Bondi Beach is as chilled as it sounds.
Her days are filled with fun parties and good friends, while she soul searches for a career that she’s passionate about.

But it only takes one person to change all of that.

When Elke meets Lincoln, a dangerously sexy foreigner, she believes that he is her destiny and that the universe has sent him to her for a reason. As Elke falls madly in love, an unhealthy obsession for perfection begins, and it overtakes her friendships, her goals and even her sanity!

Will Elke find herself before it’s too late? 
Or will she remain the fool forever? -Goodreads

*short review and maybe a harsh review*

I didn’t like Elke. She was a spoiled brat that met someone who turned her out and she couldn’t be an adult about it. She spent her time in the beginning of the complaining how she doesn’t have her life together but lacks the motivation to do anything, so she keeps complaining and then latches onto someone that makes her blood boil.

Do not get me wrong being in love can be rough but being in love for the first time as an adult is something I may not wish upon anyone. Elke took it to the extreme but after completely the book that is her personality. She knows nothing about balance and I’m not exactly sure if she learns this at all.

I wasn’t sucked into the world, although I could see it clearly. The author did a good job describing and shaping this world but it was nothing new. The world was hipsters, fairly wealthy people in California; who have particular tastes and who love to drink, party and have sex.

The book didn’t have any grit, anything I can hold on to and say wow. I didn’t relate to Elke or the surround characters. I thought she was selfish, self centered and needed a kick in the butt. What happens to her sucks, but it didn’t change how selfish she was.


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