End of an Reading Era

it’s the end of an expensive and beautiful relationship.

Its truly a sad time for me.

And its completely you and just a slight bit of me.

So, I have decided to stop reading Sandra Brown books and to be honest it kind of hurts that I have made this decision because we have a long relationship. When I was, I would say 14 and reading Cosmopolitan magazines, behind my parents back, I came across my first Sandra Brown book.

It was called Crush.

If you have ever read anything book previews from Cosmopolitan magazine, you know It’s the juicy part. That was my first taste of Sandra Brown. From there, I read the following (not in particular order):

I was a die hard fan. Every time she came out with a new book, I was buying it hardcover during release week. I loved and (still do) her writing. Sandra Brown has a way of keeping your attention throughout the book and bringing you into the romance. But most importantly, she keeps you there. I loved it for years.

About 5 years ago, I hit a wall. Her books were starting to read the same. Successful woman or woman down on her luck gets caught up in something less favorable and meets the hard man with a rough pass, who is either some form of law enforcement, private eye, the ex military or the man who is just too good to be true and has no secrets.

I tried to push through because in my mind, you can’t keep writing the same book over and over right? I mean reading her past books, you see the differences and creativity in them but these recent books, can’t always be the same right? I was wrong. So very wrong.

So I took a break and with the recent novel Tailspin, I decided to take a stab at it. Finished the book but struggled from chapter three and on. I couldn’t get into it and I most certainly couldn’t love it. There were a lot of moments where I was cringing and just rolling my eyes and completely realized that nothing has changed from when the last time I read her books.

Her older titles such as The Rana Look, Slow Heat in Heaven and Mirror Image provide something different in the characters and the overall setting. They are some of my favorite reads that I enjoy going back to.

But as of late, I haven’t been able to get into her books and I think an era is over for me. For the past, 15 years, I have purchased hardcover copies, more than one to share, of Sandra Brown’s books and I think that was a good run. I read her books now knowing what is going to happen and in some form of way how it is going to happen and opposed to giving a crap rating over and over again, it is best if I just stop putting time into her books.

Will I always recommend someone to read Sandra Brown? Most definitely! She is a fantastic writer. However, I will always recommend her older books over the newer one. If you have never read a Sandra Brown book, like never even thought to pick up one, go ahead and read her latest works but you will find the passion for the story in the older titles.

Overall, I have to let this go. To save myself time and to save Ms. Brown from receiving low ratings on her books.

On to the next one!


4 thoughts on “End of an Reading Era”

  1. It’s always said to let an author go. I know that feeling but I think you made the right call here. No use spending money and time when they are just more of the same and disappointing for you.
    I’ve never read anything by Sandra Brown but now I’ll look into it. Though I’ll make sure it’s one of her older ones 🙂

    1. Lol yeah it is sad and I debated even posting about this because she is a fantastic author. But I’m glad if nothing else, I have put some light on her older titles :)

  2. I read one book by Sandra Brown, though I forget which one, but it was kind of Stockholm syndromey and the entire premise of the book basically counted on everyone misunderstanding something that was said by one character. Honestly, if the characters of the book had sat down for a 10 second conversation, things would have been wrapped up in 20 pages. I may give her another shot, but that specific book was not a winner for me.

    1. I can understand that. I can’t recall which book you are referring to but I freaking loved Envy, The Crush and Mirror Image as my top top. Let me know which one you choose and what you thought of it!

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