2019 Goals

Alright. So I will bite.

Seeing everyone create their 2019 goals and their excitement may actually give me something to look forward to.

Instagram Goals

I currently have 242 followers. My 2019 goal is to get 500 followers. With that being said, I would need to post more. At this point in my life, I can committee to twice a week. Either on a Sunday, Weds or Saturday beginning the first week of Jan.

Instagram is an abyss for me. Its very easy to compare myself to others and it is very easy to keep scrolling. Interacting on Insta isn’t hard for me but what producing content is. So that is my goal.

Motif by Tanya Goals

I currently have 152 followers. This number seems low but this year was a form of breakout year for me. My follower count grew due to various interactions I made a goal to participate in on Twitter. I plan on keeping this up. Like Instagram, my goal is to increase my subscribers to 500.

Twitter Goals

If nothing else I have done a fantastic on Twitter this year. I currently have 569 followers and each month this year, I have grown despite some of the much needed hiatus I took. My goal is to hit 1000 followers.

Book Goals

There is nothing that is going to stop me from buying books. I have tried and it just is not working. So I am switching my goal this year to be more specific. Each month, I am to read at least 3 books that I have previously purchased but have not taken the time to read. 3 books before I begin any new reads.

Although I don’t feel I need to read every book I own, my collection is growing to a point where most of the books I own are not read and I want to lower that number.

Next book goal, is to only read what I own. No borrowing from the library or from friends. This includes Ebooks.


I was going to create a section for personal goals but I think this year I will keep them to myself. But . . .

2019, in sha allah, will be a year of growth, rebuilding my relationship with God, strengthening and taking care my family and new experiences.

In sha allah I will accomplish some things, big and small.

But overall, ’tis the year for something different.







7 thoughts on “2019 Goals”

  1. Good luck with the goals! I’m sure you’ll reach the numbers even sooner 🙂 your blog is beautiful and I love the titles you review. They all seem like something I’d be interested in!

    I feel like the hardest goal for me would be to read only from the books I already own 😀 I kind of have a problem with that, whoops 😀

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