The Minis: Webtoons

Hawk, a Knight who bows before no one, and Kira, an inventor with a title, are in the middle of a war between 12 knights,meant to protect mankind against Keres, ancient creatures with a thirst for souls.

Between a potential romance between Hawk and Kira, the world building and just likeable characters, this is a solid read that has the potential to becoming something big. But beware, it is currently on hiatus. 

3 Pickles

A 29 year old unemployed, but hopeful romantic meets a 23 year old billionaire. The thing about this webtoon is it can go in so many different directions even though the author initially sets it up for one. Overall, it is a cute story that is a good time filler.

However, if you are uninterested in love triangles and dramatic of the heart, then this isn’t for you. 

3 Pickles

                                            Sam wants to be a game developer but that career choice turns left when a popular gaming personality gives her indie game a negative review and then moves next door (unintentionally).

Let’s Play happens to be one of my favorite webtoons at this moment. However, it is a completely frustrating read because all the author does is leave you with more possibilities for Sam, while you build a connection with the surrounding characters.


I love this webtoon but some actual developing plot, would give this a perfect score.

4 Pickles 

Crumbs came out of nowhere for me. It is a simple story of magic, awkwardness and a building romance that could be the beginning or end of everything.

As you are reading the comic, you can tell that the author is building up to a story that is worth reading.  Ray is a talented magician that can see people’s future/feelings and because of this and past experiences she has always stood on the sidelines watching others live life.

Its about 12 episodes in so there is still a lot of room for growth and changes. The author only updates twice a month, which sucks. But if you are looking for something to read on your down time, this will put a smile on your face.

3 Pickles

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