Monday Vibes

Peace & Blessings, Ya’ll. Grateful to see another day. Grateful to see another Monday. This is a late post but I hope you all had a successful Monday. Successful being whatever it is you want it to be. If its getting out of bed, or doing that laundry pile you’ve been avoiding, then you had a successful day :)

Last Monday Vibe, I said I would focus on writing. . .  that was a dub. Although I did write two reviews and edit a pending one, I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted. I keep saying I’m busy, I’m busy, which is partly true. I need to make the time to write just like I need to make the time to read. But as I said, I got two done and that counts :) each week I just keep trying to be better.

Now to reading :)

Books I said I was going to read:

Books I actually read:


All these books provided mix feelings and have been rated 3 Pickles and under.  City of Ghosts, Hotel Ruby and War of the Wilted are pending reviews, so be sure to look out for them.

Overall, the goal is still to bang out some writring this week. Keep me in your thoughts :D

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