Book Review: The Woman Trapped in the Dark by J.D. Mason

St. Martin’s Griffin
TBP: Sept. 18, 2018
336 Pages

Abby Rhodes and Jordan Gatewood have fought a long battle to be together. People disparaged their relationship. Enemies tried to tear them apart. Now, Abby is looking to settle in to a life of married bliss. But sometimes the greatest threat stems from the person you trust the most…

Now Abby is being hunted. Taken prisoner. Held captive. And Jordan’s dark and murky past holds the key to her escape…- Amazon

If you haven’t read the first two books in this series, you might not want to read this review. There aren’t really any spoilers per say but this is the third book, that ties a bit into the first two, so you might want to do two things, read the books now and check out my review for the first on here :)

Anyway to the book. I was surprised that the author decided to give us another Abby and Jordan book. Yes, there are new characters that are focused on but to make the main center Abby and Jordan, wasn’t a route I saw coming. But the book is completely different from the first two reads and very dark. Its not even the kidnapping aspect of it that makes it dark, it’s the hatred some of these people have towards Jordan and the life he was able to build. What makes that hatred even deeper, is because it is based of race and how White people feel that Black people don’t belong in certain places.

As a Black woman or generally a Black person, you know that there are certain fields that although Black and minorities work in, they don’t own. The oil business, which Jordan owns a slice in, is one of them. So the hate, the revenge the grudge was real to me. This gives the book a way darker feel than the first two, which dealt more with romance and some paranormal activity.

I wouldn’t say revenge drives this book but it’s the hatred. This old white dude refuses to let go of the fact that Jordan won despite all the mess they threw at him and instills that hatred into his kids, who then, maybe, slightly, reluctantly go through this plan for their father to finally go at peace. But his kids and the new characters, Mason introduces are on some other level of mess. You actually, for some, do not wish the worst for them but wish to help them.

The development of characters and the lack of predictability (to a certain extent) within this book is strong. You not only have an understand of the characters but you walk away knowing that the next book is going or has to bring everyone and everything in Blink together. Yes, this is listed as a trilogy but there is no way in the world, Mason is going to stop at three books.

The ending was a good send off. But my issues with the book was the fact that it was slow. Because the introducing of different characters and their roles within the takedown of Jordan, things moved slow despite the motives behind everyone. That was my biggest thing about the book.

Overall, I thought it was good but not as strong as the first or even second read.

3 Pickles