Monday Vibes

Mondays although overwhelming at times, is really one of those times I take to reflect. As weird as that sounds, it isn’t for me. Mondays are my time to write out my lists for the work week, plan anything I want to talk about and read what I want/need to read.

I decided that on Mondays (Biweekly), I should write a write-up or a vibes post because two things have been happening for a while:

  1. I lack the motivation to write; therefore I am not writing
  2. I’m not speaking and reverting to hermit mode

So this weekly post is to make me accountable and push me to write more and most importantly give you an update on the books I have been reading. Because I have been reading. . .  a lot.

Let’s get to it :)

Book Read [Last Week]

Books TBR [This Week]


  • Post 3x a week. Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • As opposed to reposing everything on Twitter, create content specifically for Twitter
  • Reach out to authors to restart Quick Five© Interviews


  • Finishing painting my upstairs hallway
  • Purchase new bookshelf
  • Hurricane Prep as I live in NC and Hurricane Florence is on her way

Overall Vibe:

I am tired. But feeling productive.


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