Book Review: Her Viking Heart by Heidi Herman

Hekla Publishing LLC
Published April 8th 2018

After losing her mother less than two years before, her father is suddenly killed, leaving Anna Miller alone. With no other family and a dismal dating history, loneliness and depression overwhelm her. As she struggles to cope with the loss, she comes across a family secret that changes her future.

She finds new purpose after discovering her father’s hidden research and is determined to complete what he had started. Anna begins a journey to unravel the family mystery buried in four generations of deceit. As she follows the clues, she opens herself up to a love and a new sense of belonging, but is it real? The answer she searches for may reveal her true heritage but might just threaten her own chance at happiness and a new life. – Goodreads

I was in a mood for a romance. A romance that promised intense emotion, history and a form of betrayal. Did this book have all three of those qualities? Kind of.

Anna is looking for not only family but a new chapter on life. As a only child and as her parents being only children in their families, Anna doesn’t have any blood relatives she can depend on. So when she find this project her father was working on, she jumps to it, which is understandable because I would too.

The story moves pretty fast. It doesn’t take her long to hit a huge breakthrough and it doesn’t take her long to find someone she has the heart eyes for. Literally, it was instant. Did I feel a chemistry between them? Not at all. They were attracted to each other. Extremely attracted to each other but how fast their romance moved was just amazing. Also, although Anna’s love interest had a point, he was a tool.

Another thing that bothered with this read was how every person, Anna spoke to always commented on her beauty and allowed her into their home with no second question. That form of welcoming just didn’t seem right and I was waiting for the worst to happen every chapter.

Not only did the story move really fast but it was predictable. You knew exactly where it was going from beginning and end. This book had a great a foundation but it did not live up to expectations. When you see Viking, you think Viking history, you think intense emotions, be it anger or passion, you see and feel excitement none of that was in the book. Even at the end when Viking history was mentioned, it was very slight. I wanted there to be so much.

This could have been a fantastic read but it just didn’t hit that spot.


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