Book Review: A Stolen Crown (Stolen Royals #2) by Kelsey Keating

Swanifide Publishing
Published June 17, 2017
307 Pages

When Princess Cecily Degalt travels south to wed a prince she’s never met, she’s ushered into a strange new world alongside her best friend and bodyguard, Rory Castille. With an MIA fiancé, his handsome twin brother, and a kidnapping gone wrong, life in Myrzel isn’t quite what Cecily expected. 

Rory will do anything to keep Cecily from harm–but when Rory’s darkest secret comes between her and Cecily, the greatest danger to the princess might be Rory herself.

Torn apart for the first time, each girl will have to think like the other as she faces not only the darkness of Fangralee Forest, but a dangerous enemy closer to home.- Goodreads

This book was way better than the first one but still had some issues for me. What I liked about this book was the genuine feeling of love between characters. You knew it was there; you saw it, felt it and was just rooting for it throughout the entire book. This was the sole focus of the book. The love/friendship between two girls and how they handle their worst possible situation.

But I had issues. Rory and Cecily are both thoroughly annoying together and apart. Rory completely babies Cecily and bother have this really whinny tone when they speak with each other.

For best friends, they made a lot of bad assumptions about each other and it was almost as if they didn’t know each other at all. To me, Rory was justified in hiding her secret, however, Cecily didn’t trust Rory and she was a butt. Rory fought for Cecily but the effort wasn’t the same for her. This was repeated more than once throughout the book. it really shouldn’t take someone telling you that you’re a crap friend, more than once for you to actually go be a friend. And in all honesty, it is a big circle of who said what, and internal arguments.

The story is straight forward to a certain extent. There are some twists but you see where it is going once it starts. There was good fighting in this book. Rory is hotheaded, so she isn’t as strong as she could be, which was disappointing.

As previously mentioned book two, is a step up from the book one. The pace keep me interested and invested. Although I wish for more magical elements, this was a decent read.

3 Pickles