Book Review: You Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Published Fe.b 14, 2015
360 Pages

Lennox is on the run from her ex-boyfriend. She had to drop everything, tell no one, and move to a new town, alone. She expected to be lonely, she expected to be afraid, but she never expected to meet a man named Vic who drove her crazy with lust and anger and called her “Lenny.” If it’s at all possible, Vic is more twisted than the man she ran away from. 

She should ignore him, but they’re drawn to each other like magnets. Lennox ran from from Seattle to Santa Barbara to get away from violence, to create a new life, and to be something simple. Instead she’s found herself wrapped up in great friends and an epic love. This new life is the opposite of everything she wants, but it might just be everything she needs. -Netgalley 

Do not let the cover fool you. You’re not going to get a deep read about a woman working to better her life and escape from an abusive past. You don’t get a woman is extremely cautious about life. She thinks about it and even stresses out about it but no. She just goes with it.

Lennox has some issues that she doesn’t exactly resolve before going to be with someone else. She comes off as one of those people who cannot be alone and needs someone with her in order for her to feel like life means anything. You can stretch it and say at the end of the book, she grows and becomes stronger and blah but she didn’t. She learned how to deal and then she folded as soon as her happy ending came.

I understand that not everyone becomes the strong of strong woman, who can slay dragons after being torn apart by one. I get that. But I wanted that for Lennox. She needed it.

The romance i.e. the love did not feel natural. Lust from beginning to end is the most and only appropriate response for Lennox and Vic. But the tacky romance could be forgiven but what wasn’t forgiven was the inappropriate attempts of humor the author tried to pull. I should have known once I saw that how I wasn’t going to really enjoy this book.

I would go longer with my dislike for this read but it isn’t worth it.

1 Pickle