Book Review: Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell

Entangled Teen
Published March 6th 2017
370 Pages

The Garden-burlesque troupe of slave girls, has been Rose’s life for the past 7 years. At 16 years old, she has an opportunity to escape but things do not go as plan when she randomly chooses the former heir to the throne, the leader of the rebellion against the Empire, Rayce.

Rayce isn’t sure about Rose and her “randomness.” And takes Rose hostage as he figures out if she was sent to kill him. Rose must prove her loyalty and convince Rayce to save her sisters in the Garden and finally come to terms with a secret, she has held since she was captured. 

This book took longer to read and that is because I am an adult and had adult crap to do. But if I was able to put my time into this read like I wanted to, it would have been finished the day I started it.

From the beginning you are drawn in by the Garden not necessarily Rose. For a while, there was something about her that didn’t capture me. The fight within and outside the Garden defined her and I understand it was her life but there was nothing else to her. This is not to say that she ruined the book because she didn’t. The author was able to develop a story around the character that things moved along without Rose having a personality.

The plot was moving; even when things slowed down, there was something about the words that kept you at the edge of the seat. It really wasn’t the secret that Rose was holding. Oddly enough the secret was clear but it wasn’t what kept the book going. And it doesn’t take long for Rose to “meet” with Rayce. My issue with Rayce is that he is perfect. I don’t know if his perfect personality and stance on justice will be questioned in book two but he was too good at playing the hero roll.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would and I am looking forward to book two.

4 Pickles

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