Book Review: We Could Be Beautiful by Swan Huntley

Doubleday Published June 28, 2016 352 Pages
Published June 28, 2016
352 Pages

Catherine West lives the life of the beautiful and perfect. She owns a Manhattan apartment in elite area. She collects fine art, sees a trainer and gets a massage every week. An every now and then she sees her mother and sister on the upper east side. 

But after two failed engagements, Catherine is lonely. One night at an art gallery, she meets William Stockton. He is everything she could have wished for. So when she discovers his parents were friends with hers, nothing could go wrong.

That is until she mentions him to her mother, although suffering from Alzheimer’s, Elizabeth recognizes the bad in William and tells Catherine to stay away. But will Catherine dig up the past or continue to live her perfect life with any regard. 

This book is unique. It is in the sense that the main character doesn’t really learn anything. Her money defines her and when she in fear of losing that money her character shifted. I felt that by the end of the book, she was the same person but in a different circumstance.

Catherine had zero personality. She had no real life to her even when things between her and William got serious I didn’t see a spark. However, despite this I thought there was a pretty good story. There was predictability within William but I was surprised when everything came to light. I did feel the story was drawn out and that is probably more so because of Catherine.

My other issue with this book,was that for a lot of the chapters with nothing was going and it was the same monotone voice. The crazy thing is despite all of these complaints regarding this book, I enjoyed it for the most part. It wasn’t a bad read. It was creative to talk about a woman who has it all but at same time is missing something in modern day NYC. The mystery of digging around her mother’s past was good as well.

But there could have been much more heat and color to the book. I literally saw everything in black and white. So rating this book was hard because it can be a solid 3 or a solid 2.5.



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