Book Review: Blood and Bone (Blood and Bone #1) by Tara Brown

Self Published Published Sept 12, 2013 204 Pages
Self Published
Published Sept 12, 2013
204 Pages

Jane is Jane and for the past 3 years that is what she has always been. After a car accident causing her to lose her memory, all Jane has is what her perfect doctor boyfriend has always told her. But while heading to her job at a modest store, she is approached by a man she has never seen before; a man that calls her Sam. 

Intrigued by this woman who looks like her, Jane opens the door that reveals her past but also changes her future. 

There was a lot going on in this quick read. Maybe too much going on. Jane stays as plain as possible that is until she realizes she may have a twin. I didn’t have a single issue with this but when she gets deeper into trying to figure out who this Sam woman is, she begins changing instantly. It wasn’t a slow process but rather quick. Granted she went between Jane and this new person a few times but I was a bit surprised at how fast it happened.

This is when a lot of things began to help and honestly it was a bit much to keep up. If even for a moment, you mind wander or you missed something by doing something else you got lost. I had an issue with this because there were time when I rolled my eyes and put the book down. I just felt that there was too much to the plot.

I also felt that there should have been more to the characters. Something was missing from Jane, even when she began her shift. I wanted more from her.

The pace of the novel was good. Overall, though, I felt the story lacked some consistency, passion and even good wordplay. The author could have been much more creative with this.


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