Book Review: Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn #1) by Caitlyn McFarland

Carina Press Published July 27, 2015
Carina Press
Published July 27, 2015

When Kai Monahan decides to help someone in need during a hiking trips with her friends, she gets caught in a battle between dragons. When one falls to her feet and transforms into a man, she does the only thing she can think of an that is pick up a sword and save his life. 

Rhys awakes to find his hero, Kai reluctantly taking care of him. Unexpectedly, Rhys brushes against her skin and is heartsworn i.e. mated.

Kai is unhappy about this to say the least and is terrified about what this means for her life. Accepting this fate means she has to leave her family and lose her freedom. What is a young girl to do? 

I finished this book upset. The ending was horrible. And it was horrible because it stopped mid thought -_- Transitions are important guys; if you do not know how to properly end a book, chapter or thought, get some help. Okay, rant done with this part.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. But I didn’t like Kai. She was a very selfish person and I was hoping that someone would put her in her place. People were too nice with her and she didn’t care for anyone but herself until she felt some sort of guilt (that didn’t feel real). The story was predictable but there was a pace about it that just kept you wanting to finish reading.

Rhys wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from a dragon. He was too much into his emotions, just like Kai. I expected him to be more grounded and likeable. Rhys was a space within the novel that didn’t make the greatest impression.

I loved the surrounding characters. They were perfect and much more entertaining than Rhys or Kai. I actually would love there to be a side story for some of the characters in this story.

There is a part two and three to this book but I am not really 100% sure I am going to purchase book two.  I want to but I don’t want to be disappointed in Kai or Rhys.

3 Pickles

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