Book Review: Girl of Myth and Legend (The Chosen Saga #1) by Giselle Simlett

WWS Publishing Published Dec. 29, 2015 363 Pages
WWS Publishing
Published Dec. 29, 2015
363 Pages

Leonie Woodville wants to live a life invisible. She wants predictability and a life blending in. But when she bursts into a ball of light, on her way to school, predictability goes out the window. 

Leonie learns that she is a powerful member of The Chosen, a magical species hidden from the world. Her duty is to protect the Imperium and keep a strong reputation. Although she is enjoying the magic, the ancient world isn’t all that it seems and peace is coming with a cost.

With her soul guardian, Korren, Leonie enters a war and their only mission is to survive. 

*Short Review*

Jumping right in; I didn’t like this book and a lot of it has to do with the MC (main character). Her attitude was appalling towards her father, everyone around her and the whole situation. I guess this was supposed to make her different but it made her annoying and selfish.

Beyond the most damaging part of the novel, it moved to quickly without real substance. For instance, her burst of magic happens within the first chapter, she leaves her “normal” life in the next. There is no build up; just a angry girl with a father, who decided not to say anything and let her be.

I didn’t finish this book. And I didn’t because I didn’t like the characters. There was too much anger floating around, the pace was off and what I read was predictable. It made it hard for me to enjoy what I was reading; because I can get over a MC being horrible and the book still proves to be a decent read. This was not the case.

As stated before, I didn’t finish this read, which is a tad bit disappointing.

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