Book Review: The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra

Hogarth Published Oct. 6, 2015 352 Pages
Published Oct. 6, 2015
352 Pages

A collection of short stories beginning in the 1930s Soviet Union and ending in the present Russia. 

I can’t seem to stay away from short stories; especially when they have a cover such as this one. But the moment I realized this was a short story, I actually didn’t stop reading it. Because it was pretty good.

Despite the seriousness of the stories, the author’s writing was very light. It didn’t feel heavy and I wasn’t feeling a weight on my chest of depression. But I wasn’t happy or excited either. The author made these stories easy to digest and I loved that method.

The story about a Soviet censor whose job was to correct offending photographs was my favorite. It reminded me 1984 by George Orwell, which is a classic. It could have been written as a full novel and I would have not complained at all.  It was extremely powerful and I felt so bad for the man. I wanted so much more from it.

Another story I loved involved an actress and her family. I loved how there was different points of view to an overall story and not necessarily the story about the actress. But again, I wanted more. The story didn’t feel incomplete but there was pieces missing that would have been great to know.

For most of the part, all of the stories felt this way, which was slightly unfortunate.

Although those were my top two stories, the entire book was well written, full of emotion and detailed. I loved how the stories were connected with more than just location. But I can’t completely say creative because it feels like stories from actual lives and the author is more of a storyteller than a story writer. This isn’t a horrible thing but it isn’t a reason why I read books.

Overall, I am going to have to put this on the shelf as a job well done in the short story category.


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