Book Review: Li Jun and the Iron Road by Anne Tait with Paulette Bourgeois

Dundurn Group  Published Sept. 30, 2015 216 Pages
Dundurn Group
Published Sept. 30, 2015
216 Pages

Adapted from award winning TV series “Iron Road”

When her mother dies Li Jun decides that she will take control of her fate and look for her father at the Golden Mountain, a place Chinese workers go to find their reaches. But it isn’t easy for a woman to go across the ocean to Canada; so she disguises herself as a man named Little Tiger and works at a fireworks factory, until she has the means to go. 

But when she finally gets her wish and enters a forbidden love, her fate takes a different turn.

As per Goodreads, this is supposed to be a so-so bad book.  But it wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it. Yes, it did have issues, quite a bit but the premise of the story was completely hard to miss.

Here is the thing: the book should have been longer; it should have been way longer. There wasn’t enough passion, fight or even love in this story. It was extremely way too much to the point and predictable.

Little Tiger didn’t have much personality other than the fact that she was willing to do what it took to get to Canada and to find her father. I liked the determination about her but there was nothing else to her. It made her stale and unappealing.

The beginning of the book was perfect because I originally though the romance would take between someone that is introduced within the first chapter and with her switching identities it and add the drama of finding her father in it . . . it would have been perfect Yes, it would have still been predictable but not as predictable and more exciting.

The romance had less fizz than a day old soda left open. It was fake and un-fulfilling. Little Tiger and the man she falls for really had no passion nor love. It wasn’t developed. It wasn’t there one chapter and then it happened in the next.  I rolled my eyes so much it hurt.

These are key issues for me to completely dislike this book, however I got sucked into the story and I strongly believe it was because of the historical factors in the book. I’m a sucker for history and it would have been the perfect read if there was more history, action and fire.

Despite the bad ratings people have been giving this read,  I liked the book and I hope the author would revisit it. I’m curious to know how the mini series is.


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