NetGalley Review: The Reluctant Sacrifice by Kerr-Ann Dempster

Self Published Published Aug. 7, 2015 263 Pages
Self Published
Published Aug. 7, 2015
263 Pages

The Aramith were once an immortal but because of a sibling rivalry, they were punished to become human and banished to Earth. But if a Shaw child was born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, all will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith.

Aubrey Shaw is not willing to die. By using her powers as a jumper, she is able to avoid this fate. However, with her former best friend, Joshua, hunting her, Aubrey isn’t sure if she can last much longer.

Will a stranger, who seems to know more about her past be able to save her or will her love for her best friend do the trick?

Let us be blunt. Aubrey was a crappy character. Her mother was crappy (understandable but crappy). Joshua was crappy. The only non-crappy character in this book, which to be honest was the only thing keeping me reading this book, was the stranger saving the day and his name was Coy.

Aubrey wasn’t the brightest person in the world. She held on to a love for Joshua, when he repeatedly showed he could careless for her as a friend or even love interest. He screwed up on every level and yet she was too for him still being around. He was a horrible person and Aubrey was an idiot. She also was extremely stubborn even when her life and others was at risk.

Coy was perfect and I have no idea why the author didn’t put that much love and care into her other characters. He was the perfect blend of down to earth, emotionally tormented character with a heart of gold. He handled business.

The character flaws was huge in this book and although Coy was the reason I kept reading, the author showed talent with the plot. It moved smoothly and it did blend the immediate danger and the I am a normal teenage girl pretty well. But it lacked some excitement and passion. Aubrey isn’t running for her life for much of the book and it didn’t feel like she was about to die for most of the book either.

I did however, appreciate the black female lead, even though it was a bit confusing if Aubrey was always black or was just black for the moment.

There wasn’t too much suspense or dire need to know what happened next. Those character issues was too huge to miss. Also the ending was too easy of a happy ending. I have no problem with a happy ending but it was just to “here you go” for me.

Overall, this could have been so much better because the concept is amazing and it is what drew me to the book.

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