NetGalley Review: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Poppy/Little Brown Published Jan. 2, 2012 236 Pages
Poppy/Little Brown
Published Jan. 2, 2012
236 Pages

Hadley Sullivan just missed her flight to London and is late to her father’s second wedding. Angry, frustrated and alone she meets a boy; a handsome boy named Oliver, who seats next to her on her flight. 

What happens when two people lose track of the chaos around them and in their life? Love possibly?

*Short Review*

This book was cute despite the depression on every page.

Hadley is angry at her father for leaving her mother, moving across the water and not seeing her for almost two years. She is angry that married no longer holds the same value and cannot understand why her father left.

I get her anger and I get why this is turning point in her life without meeting Oliver but although this was a short book, it took for a long read because Hadley has no other emotion than sadness. Even when she is laughing, it is just sad and at the ending it was just sad. . . cute but sad. The sadness made for a slow read.

Oliver was a breathe of fresh air until his sadness came out. But even then he wasn’t as sad as she was, which was interesting because he sadness came from a darker place. I enjoyed the book because it hit everything pretty well but a various of emotions.

I didn’t completely liked the third person point of view, it was awkward. But other than that this story delivered a gushy romance, that I do not consider love at first sight but love none the less.

Overall, I am not sure if I would read anything in this nature by the author. Only because you really have to be in the mood for teenagers feeling the world revolves around them and them finding the perfect love, that apparently only they can find.

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