NetGalley Review: The Reluctant Duchess by Sharon Cullen

Loveswept To Be Published Nov. 10, 2015 Kindle Edition
      To Be Published Nov. 10, 2015
               Kindle Edition

Lady Sara Emerson has lived an isolated life since the murder of her cousin. Two years later the killer now wants Sara. So she turns to the only person she believes that can help, her cousin’s fiance, the Duke of Rossmoyne.

Ross never really noticed his fiance’s cousin but now that she has come to him he can the beautiful woman she became to be. But Ross will not let his attraction to her stop him from returning overseas away from the unforgiving society. 

But what are Sara and Ross supposed to do when their attraction turns into something deeper and Sara’s stalker gets closer to his kill?

The thing about historical romance is people are expecting a complication romance that involves either a bad boy and/or a outspoken woman. People feel that you can’t have a love at first sight romance. People forget that historical romance provide a fantasy of unfiltered passion and love. People forget to just enjoy the cuteness of it.

Okay I am off my soapbox.

I love this book. Finished it in one sitting. I loved Ross much more than I loved Sara. He wasn’t a bad boy, which I appreciated the author for not going that route. He was a grown man who knew what he wanted and was honorable. He was also a man that loved and loved fiercely. He was perfect to me. I loved reading his point of view.

Just because I loved Ross more than Sara doesn’t mean I didn’t like Sara. I enjoyed the fact that the author didn’t make her an extreme. What I mean by that is Sara wasn’t an outcast because either she was plain or because she was too modern. She was a perfect mix of what society wanted from her and being her own intelligent person. Sara was cute, shy but not stupid by any means.

The actual story was written well too. There was some slight predictability but nothing too major that made me want to roll my eyes. The pace was wonderful the downtime didn’t actually feel like downtime.

My only issue with this book is I wish there was more tension or for the lack of better term more focus on the murder and someone coming after Sara. I felt that it became too much about their relationship and less about the pending danger.

Overall I really liked this book.

4 Pickles


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