Book Review: The Golden Apple (The Dark Forest #1) by Michelle Diener

Self- Published Published on March 24, 2014 298 Pages
Self- Published
Published on March 24, 2014
298 Pages

Kayla’s father decided to put his daughter to the highest bidding. By making her a prize in a impossible tournament and literally putting her in a glass box for all to see, deciding her fate and her husband was supposed to be easy.

But Kayla is not for that and chose her champion, taking control of the tournament and changing the rules for the game. Quickly Kayla realizes that by taking control of her fate, she put her life and her kingdom at stake. 

To save his brother’s life, Rane is willing to betray and use anyone including a more than willing Princess. But because of the Princess decision, Rana is involved in a more dangerous game that not only leaves the two fighting for their lives in the dark forest but also falling in love. 

This book is said to be loosely based off the fairy tale The Princess on the Glass Hill. I have never read it but I plan on it now. Also I need to say this. According to Goodreads, a lot of people didn’t like this book. I freaking loved it.

Let’s start with Kayla. She was a bit naive but that was not because that was her personality nor was it because she was locked in the castle but as a Princess there was certain experiences she didn’t experience.  This is understandable and more a preferred reason to being naive.  It didn’t dictate her personality, which is what I really loved.

I loved the fact that she wasn’t taking crap from anyone. She handle things with thought and cared for everyone around her. I’m not too sure how I feel about Rana but I actually believe his and Kayla feelings for each other. From beginning to end, it was there.

I enjoyed the pace of the novel, the magic and the romantic tension. What I didn’t like so much was how easy things were fixed. There was struggle and I understand Kayla’s part but she is a newbie and this book. Things shouldn’t have flown so easily for her. I wanted more struggle. I need more of a internal and external battle.

But other than that I loved this book.  But I am not 100% I will be reading the second one. Something just seems a little bit off about the summary.


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