Graphic Novel Review: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1-6) Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, Becky Cloonan (Illustrator)

Dark Horse Comics Published May 7, 2014 160 Pages
Dark Horse Comics
Published May 7, 2014
160 Pages

The Killjoys fought against mega-corporation Better Living Industries years ago costing them their lives in order to save a little girl. Today the Killjoys followers live in the desert while BLI strips people of their individuality.

People are tired and the fight is wearing out. It is up to the little girl to bring down BLI.  

I am or was My Chemical Romance fan. So when I saw this I picked it up and instantly it reminded me of their videos for Na Na Na Na and Sing.  It is pretty much the backstory and what happened after they died.

Firstly, the artwork was great. There was something about it that was perfect. The details were on point, the colors were amazing and it left some mystery within the characters. It was just cool. I mean look at that cover! Loved it.

Again the story is those videos, which I loved. I loved it because the videos was a story that left you wanting to know more. It was an art and I am glad that Gerald Way decided to put it in a graphic novel.  However, I felt that the plot didn’t give me enough. I feel that there was a huge assumption that people would connect the book to the story, therefore some things were left unsaid. I didn’t like that because when you write you have to assume the reader is new to this.

I also wanted more character development and I wanted to know more about the characters. There was a disconnect with the characters and the plot. It was slightly confusing. It wasn’t as if too much was going on but some big things were going on and I was like . . . why?

This was a huge deal because it left holes in the plot at every level of the story. But between the artwork and what I knew of the story (because of the videos), I liked it. But it could have been better written.

Overall, I liked it but I know exactly why others don’t and will not like it.

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