Book Review: The Fading Dusk (Smoke and Mirrors, #1) by Melissa Giorgio

Self Published Published July 1, 2015
Self Published
Published July 1, 2015

17 year old Irina is a street magician’s assistant. The magician Bantheir saved Irina’s life from a homeless existence. So when he is accused of using real magic and murder, Irina cannot help but be shocked. If that isn’t bad enough Irina is arrested and charged as his accomplice.

Captain Leonid isn’t sure how to take Irina. Although he says he believes she has nothing to do with the murders or magic, he doesn’t believe Batheir is innocent. With no choice Irina must work with the police to provide the innocence of herself and Bantheir. But what at what cost?

This was an extremely frustrating read. What made it so frustrating was the fact that it was a good read. I really enjoyed it. But I didn’t enjoy Irina nor did I enjoy the nothing ness for most of the book.

Starting with Irina; from the beginning of the book and literally until she is slapped in the face with the truth, she praises Bantheir and everything that comes out her mouth is Bantheir. This was the most annoying thing any author can do when writing about a character. Irina’s life revolves around Bantheir, which is alright considering that he took her in when she was young and saved her from a much more difficult life. But Irina for most of the book, didn’t care what she did or said, who she put at risk as long as her beloved Bantheir’s reputation was not tarnished.

Most of this book takes place in the prison. Therefore, nothing happens for most of the book. Which is completely unfortunate because I love the premise of the book. I love the author’s writing style as well. But some poor choices was made. For instance,

Irina, the whiner, the selfish

Most of the book took place in a prison, therefore a lack of diverse setting

Semi-Predictability i.e. there were certain things I saw coming from chapter 2

These are some huge issues in regards to this book, but I was so intrigued by the other characters that I kept reading. Giorgio is a talented writer and I say this because she took the care to develop other characters and surprising villains. These characters was why I finished the book and I am really said that she gave a cliche main character.

I am looking forward to book two. I am looking forward to huge character development especially in Irina.


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