NetGalley Review: Darkest Dawn (Willows Lake, #1) by Katlyn Duncan

HarperCollins Publishers, Carina UK Published Sept. 17, 2015 175 Pages
HarperCollins Publishers, Carina UK
Published Sept. 17, 2015
175 Pages

11 years after the death of her mother Sloane Baker returns to Willows Lake to discover the truth about her mother’s accident. What she isn’t expecting to find is someone that looks exactly like her. Brianna Taylor has lived her entire life in Willows Lake and her world has seemed safe and secure until she sees Sloane.

Unable to figure out how they are connected, Sloane and Brianna must find the truth about each other and find a way to save their life and the life of those they love.

Not a bad read. *Nods head in approval*  Let’s get straight into this.

Sloane is awesome; fierce no bull type of girl. Brianna is her soft spoken other half. I loved how the author showed this without having to say it.  Did Brianna get annoying after a while? Yes, she did. The author wrote her as this fragile girl that needs to be protected even from the littlest things. Not my cup of tea.

I liked the fact that author didn’t go with the most obvious reasoning for Sloane and Brianna’s existence. It minimize the predictability and it made me want to read the second book. I had some issues though with the surrounding characters. Their feelings didn’t seem genuine and in some scenes it felt like they were forced to be there.

The romance in the story could have been a lot stronger. Actually all the relationships in the story could have been stronger. Especially Sloane’s relationship with her dad. His appearance was lack luster, his “anger” or outrage was fake and I didn’t appreciate how the author made him come and go all within two pages.

The ending was a mess. It was like the author wasn’t sure how to end it since this was a series, so she gave the simplest ending possible. I wanted more much much more.

However, despite this I liked the book. The pace was great even though I would have preferred a little more action. I am hoping the author does more character development in the next book; not necessarily with Sloane and Brianna but with the surrounding characters.

3 Pickles


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