NetGalley Review: Lumière (The Illumination Paradox #1) by Jacqueline Garlick

Amazemo Books Published Oct. 26, 2013 335 Pages
Amazemo Books
Published Oct. 26, 2013
335 Pages

Eyelet Elsworth is determined to right the wrong. After her father’s death she becomes obsessed with finding the Illuminator, her father’s invention. By finding this machine, she can finally stop the seizures she has been experiencing since she was a child. But this is only if she finds it before her father’s enemy, Professor Smut who would love to see Eyelet is an asylum.

While on the run from Smut, Eyelet sees the Illuminator being stolen and follows the thief to an unknown part of town that is full of deadly creatures and criminals. No choice but to trust the stranger, Eyelet learns the Illuminator is much more than for her.

Love the cover.

Short Review*

This book started off really well. You get a brief look into the past before all crap hits the fan. I loved it. But as quickly as things started was as quickly as things died down.

Eyelet is in an interesting character in the sense that she feels entitled while also having no idea what she is doing. She puts herself in a situation that she really cannot get out of but not because she couldn’t figure something out but because she just doesn’t do anything. This bothered me so much. She rather throw herself into someone’s else business instead of handling her own.

The fact that the relationship with Eyelet and the stranger leads to romance is crazy because it doesn’t feel genuine. The stranger has a bit of a bipolar complex and I don’t mean that in a light way. His on and off switch is rapidly moving.

Another issue that bothered me about this book is that neither one of them try to actually get to know each other. They assumptions or ignore each other. So you have to understand why I am confused about their emotions.

Overall, the book was boring which was sad since it started off well enough. It was a hard read that I constantly picked up and put down.

1 Pickle

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