Graphic Novel Review: The Dreamer Vol 1: The Consequence of Nathan Hale (The Dreamer #1) by Lora Innes

IDW Publishing Published July 28, 2009 168 Pages
IDW Publishing
Published July 28, 2009
168 Pages

Beatrice “Bea” Whaley has been having dreams about soldier Alan Warren, who is the member of the Knowlton’s Rangers that fought during the Revolutionary War. 

Bea is content with her dreams and then day dreaming about Alan throughout the day but it isn’t too long before she starts questioning the reality of her dreams.

*Short Review*

Let me first start off by saying I love this cover. It is inviting full of detail and it isn’t really whimsical which is what I really love about it.

This is really an introductory graphic novel; literally it is just a taste of what this story could be.  So I have two feelings of this graphic novel: curiosity and disappointment.

I am curious to know why Bea is having these dreams and how it will tie into her reality. I am disappointed because the graphic novel stopped way too soon. It stopped at the spot that would have captivated me to read the second book. I felt that it stopped too abruptly.

However, despite this I felt there was a good substance for the story. Bea is a 17-year old girl who is happy in school but has some issues with her parents (they are kinda missing in action).  I loved the diversity in the novel as well.

As for the art, it is detailed and realistic in the sense that the characters actually look like real people. The author, who is also the illustrator, took care in the drawings and I appreciate that.

Overall, nice intro but wish it was more.

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