NetGalley Review: Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner

Self Published Published Aug. 9, 2015 276 Pages (Kindle)
Self Published
Published Aug. 9, 2015
276 Pages (Kindle)

Hope Nicholas life consist of one thing and that is running. All her life Hope and her mother barely stay in a town longer enough for anyone to really notice Hope is there. 

But when her mother suddenly dies, Hope doesn’t know what will happen. Is Apollo’s curse truly coming to be? How will Hope learn to trust anyone or for that matter love anyone?

When I picked up this book, I was like great! A Greek mythology in modern times about a young girl alone and possibly discovering her powers. Although the last line of the summary says there will be romance, I didn’t expect it to take a majority of the book.

For the most part, the book was boring. There is really no way around that. As quickly as the running began it stopped and there was a lot of things that I didn’t understand why. Firstly, Hope’s mother. She screwed up really bad and I really don’t understand why. She made a huge bad judgement of character and it screwed Hope not once but twice. The book never actually explains why she does what she does especially after so many years. It just leaves it there.

When Hope does actually get on her feet the story becomes less about her abilities and more about trying hard not to make friends and not to fall for the cutie who isn’t what he says he is. This was a rough read because I was expecting a girl on the run with her life constantly being in jeopardy with obviously the help of those she grew to care about.

Hope is an interesting character because there really isn’t anything to say you love or hate her. You see she has strength but you don’t really see it in the book unless her anger comes out. All you see is a confused girl trying to be invisible. This made a boring and disappointing book.

When things picked up, I was too far gone already. Overall, it wasn’t what I expected nor wanted.

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