Manga Review: 暗殺教室 [Ansatsu Kyoushitsu] 1 (Assassination Classroom #1) by Yusei Matsui

VIZ Media LLC  Published Dec. 2, 2014 192 Pages
Published Dec. 2, 2014
192 Pages

This manga has been popping up on my feed for a while now, so out buying books I decided to read it and create is the first thing I can say that comes to mind.

The students of Class-E are on a secret mission . . . to kill their teacher. Their teacher is an alien octopus who already destroyed half the moon and plans on destroying the earth unless one of the students can kill him.

As easy as it sounds it isn’t because unheard of powers and super speed that make him untouchable. 

It was cute and creative. Who would think that a way to give students who are considered the bad bunch a chance would be through trying to kill their teacher? It truly is outside of the box thinking and for that I kept reading the story.

What I didn’t like almost immediately was how it is constantly said that the students have to kill the teacher and he is an alien. The same line is repeated over and over again from beginning to end of the book. It was annoying and amateur.

Beyond that I did like how the manga was able to make me curious. The alien isn’t all that he seems, obviously. He doesn’t seem evil. It is known that there is a hidden agenda, however you  don’t know where you stand with him and I liked the unpredictability of that.

I also like the complexity of the surrounding characters. Everyone has someone to learn from the guy they are trying to kill, which creates conflicting emotions within everyone. I love it.

Although I have only read the first volume, I have every intention of reading this through.

3 Pickles 


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