NetGalley Review: The Paper Magician (The Paper Magician Trilogy #1) by Charlie N. Holmberg

47North Published Sept. 1, 2014 224 Pages
Published Sept. 1, 2014
224 Pages

Ceony Twill has just graduated at the top of her class at Tagis Praff school and is experiencing a huge disappointment. Ceony has been assigned as a paper magician instead of her dream of bespelling metal. Once she bonds with paper. . .  she seals her fate.

Under the training of magician Emery Thane, Ceony learns that being a paper magician is more than whimsical pieces of paper but bringing life to stories and animation to paper. But when her teacher’s heart is literally ripped out by a dark magician, Ceony faces a evil that takes her into Thane’s heart and discovers who he really is. 

This book left a lot to the imagination but it was an extremely creative piece of work.  Ceony isn’t happy with her situation but she takes it in stride and is the best student she can be. Her relationship with Thane is nonexistent, it is strictly a teacher student relationship, which is why when she develops feelings I don’t get it. I understand how it can happen but it was a lack luster romance and I wish the author would have done away with it.

I also feel that Ceony could have had more personality. Her personality centralizes around studying and a past that could have been written so much better.

What I loved most about the book was everything pretty much takes place in Thane’s heart, which is really creative. The author is detailed in describing the environment Ceony is in and the fact that we learn about Thane through his memories was a good idea as well.  This was the meat of the book and although slow it pushed me to keep reading.

I liked this book but the ending didn’t really leave me wanting more. I do plan on reading the second book because I am hoping for huge character development and a better romance. . . a way better romance.

2.6 Pickles 


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