Manga Review: Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji by Shouoto Aya

Published 2013
Published 2013

At 16 years old, Himari Momochi has never known family so when she inherits a house in the mountains from family she has never met, she jumps at the opportunity for some kind of connection. Little does she know the house is considered haunted according to the locals.

When she reaches the home, she finds that it is occupied by three boys who refuses to leave and insist that she be the one to leave.

As typical this manga is, it actually was a good read that left you wanting volume 2.

Himari isn’t necessarily naive but she also isn’t the brightest person in the house either. What I like about her is she has a sense of responsibility not to the boys but more for the house that carries her name. She seems “realistic” in the manga/anime world.

The characters were alright. But what I loved about this manga was the story. It was a throughout story that I haven’t seen in a lot of mangas. There is romance in here and it is predictable but it seems genuine which is weird for me to say because it is typical.

However,  the author was able to weave a good story regarding the house and the three boys living there. Nothing spectacular in the artwork, very standard for Japanese manga, so there is no need to look for something there.

Sadly there is only one volume so the characters didn’t develop as much as I would have liked nor did the romance actually grow into something really good.

Overall it wouldn’t hurt anyone to read this. I really liked it.

4 Pickles.




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