NetGalley Review: Blade Dance (Cold Iron #4) by D.L. McDermott

Pocket Star To be Published Sept. 21, 2015 Kindle Edition
Pocket Star
To be Published Sept. 21, 2015
Kindle Edition

School teacher Ann Phillips knows that trusting a fae is dangerous. But when her most beloved second grader goes missing after she discovers magical tattoos on his arm, Ann turns to the one fae that is the most dangerous of them all Finn MacUmhaill.

Finn has wanted Ann for a very long time so when she comes to him for help, he believes this will be a way to prove himself to her. But Ann isn’t who she seems and Finn may have a extra story or two to share with Ann.

I have not read the previous books (1-3) to be honest I didn’t realize this was book four until I read the summary on goodreads.

However, I didn’t need the other books to really understand the whole picture of the book. There was somethings that was missing but overall it wasn’t too much a big deal.

This was an interesting read because it didn’t take much for Ann to get in bed with Finn (I guess from previous history). There wasn’t too much of a fight. The moment she saw him it was pretty much over. I wanted more fight from Ann especially since the whole thing was her not trusting the fae. I wanted more from Ann period because she didn’t have much personality other than the fact that she loved the children she works for and was extremely loyal.

Finn was the stereotypical but honest alpha male. He didn’t turn out to be much, which was a bit disappointing because I want him to be more than a typical bad ass fae.

The book was alright. There is heavy sex scenes but it doesn’t dominate the entire book. It doesn’t because Ann keeps reminding herself that her whole purpose is to save the boy. I feel like the first book of this series may actually be good but for the most part this was an okay book to pass the time.

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