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NetGalley Review: Miss Mabel’s School for Girls (The Network Series, #1) by Katie Cross

Amazon Digital Services  Published April 2015 316 Pages (Ebook)

Amazon Digital Services
Published April 2015
316 Pages (Ebook)

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, hidden in the dark Letum Wood forest, is a place where young witches learn their craft. 

Bianca Monroe inherited a deadly curse and she is determined to rid of it before she or her Grandmother dies. The only way to do this is to be accepted into the school and get the witch who cast the curse to remove it: Miss Mabel.

But nothing worth fighting for is easy and Bianca is faced with dark magic and unspeakable evil that is completely unprepared for. 

I have a love hate relationship with this book (hopefully not the series but the book).

What drew me to this book was the lack of romance. Although I love romance in any magical novel, it was a nice to break.  Bianca is a very interesting character. For me she didn’t have enough spunk but at the same time she was extremely witty and conscious of not only her surroundings but the people within in. I loved her intelligence and drive but I wanted more personality from her; even more when she made friends.

What the author did with Bianca’s friends was actually pretty cool because Bianca has one particular friend that I did not trust. I was expecting some kind of backstabbing but it didn’t happened; which makes me believe that maybe in the other books it will happen. But overall I thought the author was able to make the other characters complex and work well with Bianca.

This book was painfully slow and it didn’t deliver when it came to some kind of thrill or action. When things happened it happened that’s it. The build up was great but all the trials Bianca went through didn’t really leave me at the edge of my seat.

I continued reading the book because the author was able to draw me in. It wasn’t Bianca that drew me in but it the surrounding characters. They played their part very well.

Overall, this was a hard book for me to rate because it took me a week to read and it wasn’t the most exciting thing. But I do want to read the next book more out of curiosity then anything.

2.7 Pickles

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