Book Review: Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet #1) by Jessica Sorensen

Published May 26, 2015
Published May 26, 2015

Nine years ago Mila was abandoned in field with no memory of her past but only visions of the future. Now 18 years, fresh out of high school, Mila and her best friend are going to embark on a road trip.

But when she sees a murder of a boy named Nyjah, a boy she has only seen in her dreams, she makes a stop to the place she was found in called Hollows Grove but quickly realize that she just made a deadly mistake.

*Quick Read*

For something that only took maybe less than an hour to read, it was a really good starting off point to a series.

What loved most about this book is it gets to the point. Mila isn’t a sheltered child who is scared of her visions. In actuality she embraces them and helps save those she loves from terrible disasters. I like Mila. She has a consciousness in regards to lying to her parents but she is smart enough not to open her mouth about it.

The pace of the novel was wonderful. I felt like something was important was constantly going on but it didn’t feel like the author was just trying to fluff it out until the good parts. I liked the relationship between Mila and her best friend; it felt genuine as well as Mila’s relationship with her parents.

Also the ending was a perfect cliff hanger.

My only issue would be the fact that it is too short. I am left wanting more but the waiting would may cause me to forget when the next read comes out.

Overall, this was a good quick read.

3.5 Pickles

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