NetGalley Review: Bream Gives Me Hiccups & Other Stories by Jesse Eisenberg

Grove Press To Be Published Sept. 8, 2015 256
Grove Press
To Be Published Sept. 8, 2015

A collection of short stories written by actor Jesse Eisenberg

*Short Review*

It always bugs me out when every actor or actress writes a book and they are considered the voice of the generation but mostly importantly their book provides a humor the literature world has been missing.

I have nothing against Eisenberg. I think he is a talented actor. However, I didn’t find this book funny at all. Creative yeah, I would say that but not funny nor the voice of the generation.

When I say creative, I mean simple stories that Eisenberg gives new light too. The first stories involving food reviews in the view of child is something people do not think about which is why it turns into a cute story. But that is all it really is . . . cute.

Throughout the entire novel, all I can think of was the word cute. This book didn’t bring me any real fulfillment once I was finished. However, I know people that would really enjoy this book.

So the best advice is try it at you local library when it is released and take it from there.


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