NetGalley Review: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Delacorte Books for Young Readers To Be Published Se[pt. 1, 2015  307 Pages
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
To Be Published Se[pt. 1, 2015
307 Pages
Madeline has a rare but famous disease in which she is allergic to the world and everything in it. She doesn’t leave her home and the only people she has most interaction with is her mother and nurse Carla.

This changes when the new neighbors move in and she sees a boy dressed in all black named Olly. At this moment, the world that Madeline didn’t mind passing by, has come to be all she wants.

When I first began reading this book all I could think of was the author took a page out of the John Green handbook and even though I felt that way towards the end of the book, this read may compare to John Green but Nicola Yoon created her own universe.

Madeline has a personality!!!! This is such a huge relief because in a lot of YA or New Adult, a sheltered child has no kind of personality and is completely naive. Madeline wasn’t. She has spunk, she was funny, intelligent, realistic. Honestly, I want a friend like her. I also loved the fact that the author is highlighting diversity without making it an issue of diversity. Madeline is Black and Japanese and the only time it is really mentioned is when Madeline is looking in the mirror. Not when her and Olly meet and not when a bunch of other things. I really liked the fact that Yoon didn’t make race an issue because that really isn’t a proper way to show about diversity in your writing.

All the characters played their parts extremely well as if it was a play. My emotions was all over the place, not only in this book but also with the characters. Everyone was believable. There was not an ounce of predictability in this book (mainly because I was thinking the worst).

The flow was perfect as well as the transitions. I liked the fact that the way this book switches from classic writing to IMs. Also the character development was on point.

Overall, I am going into a book coma.

5 Pickles*


*New favorite author*

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