NetGalley Review: Madeleine’s Kiss by Peter Gilboy

Dog Ear Published May 21, 2015 208 Pages (Kindle)
Dog Ear
Published May 21, 2015
208 Pages (Kindle)

While waiting the verdict from the jury, Adam Snow decides to tell the whole truth about what happened to Madeleine.

*short review*

When I read this I knew this was the book I have been waiting for; a suspenseful thriller that is sexy and full a love that really shouldn’t have been.

I was AMPED!!!!!

So therefore, the fall was extremely hard for me on this book. It started off well enough but Adam Snow is a dull storyteller and his story got boring fast.

He doesn’t have a personality. He is a man that just goes through the motions and whatever happens happens. I was frustrated with him and so was the women in the book.  Snow is so one dimensional that when you meet Madeleine, you don’t understand the fascination with her. Throughout the book you just don’t get it.

After a whole book, I still don’t get it.  Why he choose her? Why didn’t he ask how old she was? Or why didn’t he care about the fact that there was something off about her? Why did that make her intriguing?

I really couldn’t wrap my mind around this book and I didn’t finish it. Just couldn’t do it.

No Pickles


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