NetGalley Review: Break My Heart by Rhonda Helms

Kensington To Be Published July 28, 2015 240 Pages
To Be Published July 28, 2015
240 Pages

Megan Porter isn’t the average math student. Graduating with honors and guaranteed (as long as she passes) a spot at her school’s graduate program, Megan is on her way.

But her senior semester quickly goes on shaky ground when she meets her new thesis adviser and professor Dr. Nick Muarmoto. Young, extremely intelligent and passionate, he offers Megan exactly what her maturity level has been looking for.

When Megan realizes this is more than just a school girl crush, the two decide to embark on a forbidden relationship but with Nick’s career at risk and possibly Megan’s future, how can the two grow in love better yet hide it?

Surprise. I am completely in love with this short read. First let’s talk about diversity. I am so glad to see a non stereotypical main female college student (you know the one that has a horrible background story and is a hot girl dressed in geek clothing) who is sassy, knows what she wants and is well grounded and liked. I am also glad to see that she is black. It is so important to see characters who aren’t white all the time. There are other races.  I am also glad to see the main character isn’t white either but Japanese; again diversity is an amazing thing.

The storyline was to the point and perfect. I loved Megan and I loved how she fell in love. She still remained sure of herself but at the same time couldn’t knock the fact that this man was changing her life. I also loved the fact that she just was a good person; no attitude unless you provoked her (in the only scene I felt she should have given more attitude).

However, here is where the book fell short for me:

Nick didn’t have much personality. Yes, he loved his job and what he taught. Yes, he wasn’t a flat board but he didn’t have a spark that made me feel what Megan was feeling.

I also didn’t like how there wasn’t much description of what Megan looked like. I couldn’t picture her face, her shape or even the sound of her voice. All I know is she is black.

But beyond that the pace of the novel, the realism and the juicy scenes really made this an enjoyable book.


4 Pickles 


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