Book Review: The Sin Eater’s Daughter (#1) by Melinda Salisbury

Scholastic Press  Published Feb. 24, 2015 336 Pages
Scholastic Press
Published Feb. 24, 2015
336 Pages

Twylla has been chosen. She is to marry the Prince and someday rule the kingdom. However, for this her skin is infused with a deadly poison and all those who piss of the Queen, will die by Twylla’s touch.

She has no friends, no one really speaks to her; that is until the new guard Lief takes an interest in Twylla as the girl she was and is.  

But at what cost? Secrets that shouldn’t be told will be reveal.

This book would have been perfect if Twylla wasn’t just a stick in the mud. For a girl that can kill by touching someone, for a girl who has no one but herself, she was a really weak and withdrawn girl throughout most of the book.

I expected some kind of smart mouth girl, who had a mind of her own. Even though she couldn’t express herself the way that wanted around the queen, I did expect some kind of personality even if she did only have herself.

Love triangle was extremely childish and unnecessary. Do not lead the one you don’t really want one. Sounds simple right? I understand adding a conflicted girl who has to choose between what she is supposed to do and what she wants to do but still.

The story was hard to get thru because it doesn’t really pick up until late and for the most part it doesn’t feel like it will. It was a struggle to get through.

But I like the theme. I like the fact that this girl is the most power weapon in the world unless you are a sniper. I always love when characters find themselves. It is empowering. It reminded me a bit of Rogue from X-Men but less attractive (not physically just as a person).


2 Pickles

[On a side note it is getting harder for me to read about evil Queens. . . . that seems to be a theme in most YA fantasy books now. Is it easier to write about a evil queen than a evil king or even presence? I wonder]


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