NetGalley Review: Thorn by Intisar Khanani

Self Published Published May 25, 2015 246 Pages
Self Published
Published May 25, 2015
246 Pages

Alyrra may be a Princess but she has never been able to experience the luxury of the title. From her family’s abuse to the court’s contempt, Alyrra doesn’t have it easy and is considered a weakling.

So it comes to a surprise that she is being forced to marry a foreign prince with powerful enemies. During a magical attack, her soul is switched into another body and for once Alyrra may have a choice in her life. 

But with the Prince, whom she is not expecting to be, in grave danger, she must decide if the Prince’s life is worth more than her own. 

If you’ve been following my reviews, you know I love a good retelling. This story has the foundation of the mythology Goose Girl, originally written by the Brothers Grimm. It is a very basic and interesting story but Khanani elevates it with extreme care and depth.

Alyrra doesn’t have much personality. In the beginning, you see a fun girl that only her staff knows about. There is a particular light in her that makes you want to know more about her. But that quickly fades and she just becomes a slump on a log. Even when she decides that she isn’t going to fight for her rightful place, she just sits there. This new found freedom of choice is almost nonexistent and Alyrra just goes with the motions. She doesn’t fight, pout or even become a rebel, she just stays there. For most of the book it provided a bit of a boring read.

When things did pick up in the book it made for an exciting read but Alyrra was still a problem for me; even the Prince was boring. There was a lot of beating around the bush on Alyrra and the Prince’s part and it became frustrating to read.

I love the creativity in the book. This isn’t a simple retelling of a body switch but it evolves trust, power, untapped magic and a slightly complicated romance.  Thorn is its own fairy tale and although it uses Brothers Grimm theme it isn’t remotely the same.

I enjoyed this book. I wish there was more life to the characters but I enjoyed it.

3 Pickles


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